Annual event at Wat Kamphaeng 24 – 28 February 2016

September 19, 2022

Annual event at Wat Kamphaeng 24 – 28 February 2016, with the opening ceremony at 4:19 p.m. by Phrakhru Phisan Pariyatyanukul. Abbot of Wat Kamphaeng The chairman of the monks and the former MP Prasert – the former Sor. Praphan Muangsiri is the chairman of the lay team in cutting the ribbon and releasing the satin fabric banners for the annual event. After the opening of the work is completed successfully Phrakhru Phisan Pariyatyanukul Abbot of Wat Kamphaeng worshiped Gold plated a picture like a former Burapha teacher, Luang Por Paila Chantasaro, Phra Kru Chub Opaso, floating candles and lanterns to offer the Buddha’s relics. and pay homage to Luang Pho U-Thong On the first day of the event, a large number of Buddhists participated in the event. During the evening, there are performances by the lion troupe and free entertainment including li-ke, movies, and music.
Annual event on the second day, February 25, 2016. In the event, there were volunteer officers from Phaya Organic Unit. Take care of safety Facilitate the arrangement of parking locations and nightly traffic. In the event, there are many shops selling food and supplies for you to choose from.
The third annual event, February 26, 2016. Today there is a takraw competition through the snare. and an indispensable place to pay respects upon arriving at the temple is the pavilion enshrining the Buddha’s relics There are floating candles to offer as offerings to the Buddha. and the viharn at the back is enshrined Luang Pho U Thong An old Buddha image built in the Ayutthaya period. It has been in the temple for a long time.

The fourth annual event, February 27, 2016. Since it is a Saturday today, there are more Buddhists come to worship Luang Pho Thong than in the previous days. In the kitchen, food is prepared to cater for the committees and all temple staff. And during the night there is also a stage performance by students of Wat Kamphaeng School.
The annual event on the last night of February 28, 2016 has a trophies for Takraw Lod Snare. by Phrakhru Phisan Pariyatyanukul The abbot came to preside over trophies to athletes, and at approximately 11:00 p.m., 12 robes were offered and robe after the last set of offerings. Phrakhru Phisan Pariyatyanukul received offerings and drew the wild robes. Completed the work for the year 2016
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