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Wat Sawang Arom – งานวัดกำเเพง



Wat Sawang Arom

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Wat Sawang Arom This temple of our walls, as heard from many elders. Even Luang Pu Bai Lu himself told the author that “This Kamphaeng Temple of ours was originally called Wat Sawang Arom.” Wat Sawang Arom mentioned here. We cannot know who created it and when it was created. From the assumption of those who have knowledge of archeology, it is admirable to explain that “From observing the objects and buildings that exist in the temple, it is enough to know that This temple has been abandoned at least twice, as can be seen that the Mondop and Viharn (When the mondop was not in ruins) it was built on the hill of the ruins of a former building for a long time. Want to know what the original building was? Must be excavated according to the principles of archeology will know enough to tell what it is But it takes a lot of money.”

This mandapa the builder intends to enshrine. Paintings of Buddha images in the sea which is the identity of the person born on Monday The creator of the mondop must have been born on a Monday. Or may be dedicated to merit for the person he respects. which was born on that day I’ve seen them do it. Image of a standing Buddha image Both hands were designed to be the same as the Buddha image attached to the wall of the mandop, writing almost the whole body in red. There is only part of the black and gold color. Looks and blends together very well. As for the illustration behind the Buddha image, there are trees, flowers and birds, beautiful natural scenery. It’s a picture that can’t be seen anymore.

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Later, the condition of the Mondop has deteriorated over time. The roof was leaking rainwater gradually destroying the written Buddha image little by little. broken door The stairs going up and down were damaged by cracked masonry and mortar. Trees perched along the eaves and roofs. The temple does not have money to repair and restore it to be as good as before. “In the late night of June 16, 1975, there was a very severe storm. causing the Mondop to be built on a hill that is somewhat higher than the trees and other structures have collapsed in a very unfortunate way.” The hill that used to be a dome seems to have sank much lower than before. or that the temple is necessary to use broken bricks Plastering the mondop hill for the construction of other permanent objects is possible. making it almost impossible to see that it is a high hill which used to be the location of the Mondop before In addition to being familiar with the Kamphaeng Temple before.

As for the construction of the temple, it was probably built on a high hill. Religious ruins before as well as the Mondop but in front of or in the east of the Mondop (The high hill on which this Mondop and Vihara was built was quite high in 1942, which was a year of great floods. but not flooded Therefore, it is the residence of many families, including cattle. The temple built at that time is still a small viharn. built with bricks and mortar clay tiled roof The wooden ceiling is painted blackish gray. There is a dark image, or perhaps a golden asterisk, which is not very obvious. In the center of some asterisks there is a hook for hanging a chain. There are glass lanterns hung for worshiping on important religious days.

Reverend Father U-Thong Old Buddha image in the present Viharn

Inside this viharn, originally there was only Luang Por To. It is a Buddha image made of red sandstone in meditation posture. The size of the lap is 5 cubits wide, 6 cubits high, and the head is high to the ceiling of the viharn. Chanu (knees) on both sides almost touch the wall. surrounded by glass walls There are entrances and exits in the south in front of a palai that extends out beautifully, presumably

“This Buddha image must have been built at the same time. Same as when the Sena of Wat Sawang Arom was built for the first time. and understand that it may be possible to be the presiding monk in the church before Those who came to the reconstruction would be dismayed to see him in the rain. Therefore, a temple dedicated to him was built. after the building of the church” (an old ruined house which will be discussed in detail later) and the pagoda has been completed The temple mentioned here Currently, the temple has been renovated and renovated. With the supervision of Phrakhru Kasem Thammapinan (Puan Sangkhum) there are some differences from the original. For example, the glass wall is made into the shape of a parapet. which was originally a simple glass wall The lintel is recessed only.