Reservoir (for public benefit in the past)

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The current reinforced concrete water tank was built in 1934.

with the measure having a shortage of drinking water every year Even if there are enough water blisters but not enough for monks Novices and temple children can drink and eat all year round. It is necessary to bring large boats to carry fresh water from the Bang Khun Thian Canal for drinking during the dry season. Neither is very clean. board of the temple Therefore, he decided to build a large reinforced concrete water tank. to put in rain water The committee asked Luang Por to make an amulet to distribute to those who donated money to build a bucket of water as a thank you. In addition to some merit In the creation of the amulet at that time, brass, copper, gold were collected from the disciples. and those who respected the Father People with damaged and useless items such as water bowls, alms bowls, trays, pans, etc., all brought them to the committee. to continue casting and making amulets

The making of the first amulet was that Luang Phor Bai, he was the only consecrated person. Luang Por did not invite a single monk from any temple to join. He took all the monks about quite a bowl only. He gives thanks to those who donate money for the construction of reinforced concrete water tanks, regardless of how much they donate. and will only be able to go to only one person or two

It is considered a very good World Vision. during the casting of the amulet Reverend Father Baila was officially appointed by the Sangha to be appointed as a preceptor. To keep up with the celebration of the preceptor’s seal as well as celebrating the water tank to be the same even

with the efforts of Mr. Changdit and the cooperation of monks and the measurement committee Celebrating the Patronage of Luang Por and celebrating the reinforced concrete water tank able to celebrate together and the celebration was carried out in good order in all respects

Information from the book Ajarn Prang Kerdsuk

Biography of Reverend Father Paila Chanthasaro, the 2nd abbot

2nd abbot, Reverend Grandfather Baila Chandasaro

1887 to 1946, a total of 58 years as abb